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Media Releases

PDF Icon    01.04.2016    FAQ: Bauxite mining in Chittering

PDF Icon    06.11.2014    Bauxite Resources: Still a Pariah Company in Darling Range Communities

PDF Icon    14.10.2013    Media Release - Chittering Celebrates Bauxite Miner's Exit

PDF Icon    26.07.2012    Proposal to Protect Agricultural Communities from Mining

PDF Icon    19.06.2012    Mining Warden Refuses Bauxite Exploration to Protect State Forest and Agriculture

PDF Icon    02.02.2012    R4RM Receives Community Awards, but the Bauxite Threat Persists

PDF Icon    27.06.2011    Bauxite Resources Continues to Mislead on Impacts of Mining

PDF Icon    24.03.2011    Media Release

PDF Icon    24.03.2011    R4RM Workshop Feedback Report

PDF Icon    02.03.2011    Letter from the Shire of Chittering

PDF Icon    08.02.2011    Article: Australian Financial Review Magazine, January 2011

PDF Icon    31.01.2011    Chem Centre Water Sample Test Results

PDF Icon    22.11.2010    Bauxite/Aluminium Dust Contaminates Bindoon Drinking Water

PDF Icon    06.10.2010    Chinese Government Entities to Control Mining in South West WA

PDF Icon    20.08.2010    Chittering Residents Reject BRL’s “Vision” for the Community

PDF Icon    01.08.2010    BRL’s Plan to Mine Bindoon Landmarks

PDF Icon    25.06.2010    Mining on Private Land: a Rough Guide

PDF Icon    17.03.2010    EPA Ruling ‘A Win for Responsible Mining’

PDF Icon    19.02.2010    BRL Community Meeting Fails to Address Community Concerns

PDF Icon    09.12.2009    Chittering Residents Applaud Shire’s Stance against Illegal Bauxite Mining


Media Coverage

PDF Icon     21.04.2010    Bullsbrook Ellenbrook Advocate - EPA review appealed

PDF Icon     15.04.2010    Mining Chronicle - Bauxite talks in Bindoon continue

PDF Icon     14.04.2010    Mining News - Bindoon Battle Continues for Bauxite

PDF Icon     07.04.2010    ABC Midwest Wheatbelt Broadcast Summary - Rural Report

PDF Icon     07.04.2010    Bullsbrook Ellenbrook Advocate - Mining giant to appeal

PDF Icon     01.04.2010    Mining News.net - Bauxite appeals EPA decision

PDF Icon     01.04.2010    WA Business News Online - Bauxite Resources appeals EPA decision

PDF Icon     31.03.2010    ABC North West WA - WA Country Hour

PDF Icon     31.03.2010    ABC Mid West Wheatbelt Broadcast Summary - Rural Report

PDF Icon     31.03.2010    Mining News.net - Bauxite looks at options following EPA decision

PDF Icon     30.03.2010    WA Business News - Bindoon mine up for close EPA inspection

PDF Icon     29.03.2010    The West - Bindoon bauxite mine under scrutiny

PDF Icon     29.03.2010    Creamer Media - EPA orders public review of Bindoon bauxite mine

PDF Icon     29.03.2010    6PR Broadcast Summary

PDF Icon     11.03.2010    Mining News Premium - Bindoon rocked by Bauxite

PDF Icon     24.02.2010    Bullsbrook Ellenbrook Advocate - 'Holes' in mine story

PDF Icon     24.02.2010    Manjimup Bridgetown Times - Groups fight bauxite mining

PDF Icon     13.12.2009    Sunday Times - Mine 'Nightmare'- Bauxite dig named neighbour from Hell


Television Coverage

TV Icon     12.03.2010    ABC 1 News Report

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TV Icon     29.01.2010    Channel Ten News

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TV Icon     15.12.2009    Channel Nine News

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